Pounce on Etsy…

Today is Etsy Day, and I am joining in the fun of celebrating!

What is ETSY, you ask?  It’s a “place to buy a sell all things homemade”!

And it’s addictive, if you like arts and crafts at ALL.  I joined over a year ago, and browsed off and on for months, and finally in October I decided to get a shop going.  And then I started REALLY shopping, because I met so many fabulous people in the forums and the chat rooms… and it was hard NOT to buy!  Thankfully I managed to sell a few things too, and I now have TWO etsy shops. (Links to my shops are in the far right side-bar).

And, one of my most favorite things to do is POUNCE.  I didn’t find this feature right away – probably sometime near Christmas last year.  It’s essentially a way to find out about all the NEW shops.. and those with NO sales in them yet…. (OR you can see what has JUST SOLD, but I like undiscovered better).  You can change the settings and see up to 10 shops at a time (which I like to do), and you’ll get to see up to 5 featured items from each shop.  Browse, pounce again, browse, pounce again. I tell you, it’s addictive!

So… click on over… check out ETSY.  Check out POUNCE… and consider purchasing from someone who has yet to be discovered!

Happy ETSY Day!

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