Crochet Goodies

I know how to crochet…barely – mostly granny squares and simple stitches – so I am always amazed at the lovely crocheted items and patterns I find at etsy.  Here are a few I’ve recently found that jumped out at me.

Amy Gaines’ pdf pattern for Robots, Rockets and UFO’s:


LilyKnitting’s Hello Kitty beanie hat pattern:


LittleBear’s Crochet Shop’s Grover Hat:


PlumDaisy’s Just Peachy Crocheted Headband:


Honeybee69′s Two Peas in a Pod:


Oh, and there is so much more to see!  I guess I’ll have to save the rest for another crochet kind of day.


  1. Joyful :

    I am so glad to hear I’m not the only one who just knows granny squares and simple stitches.
    I crochet one huge granny square (I have no idea how to join those blocks) into an afghan.
    I get completely lost when I have to join or turn rows.
    Thanks for sharing. I just love these.
    My favourite is the `Hello Kitty`

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