Blogging in 2010…

One of my New Year’s goals is to blog more.  I want to share more about the crafting my mother is doing, and to share the projects I’m working on too.

I want to link up to fabulous artists and crafters at and elsewhere.  I want a dialogue to happen around here – links to DIY projects, scrapbooking, crocheting, knitting, painting… whatever we feel like doing THIS week.

One of my MOST favorite things about having a shop at is the sense of community.  There are so many wonderful people doing “their thing” at etsy – selling, buying, crafting… I’d love to talk about that more here on the ole’ blog.

What are YOUR goals for 2010?  Do you blog?  If so, post your link in the comments!

So, what’s this all about? is a brand new (revamped and revised) blog, where we hope to promote and discuss all things arts and crafts.

Who is this “we”, you ask?

Well, the site technically belongs to Cheryl Booth, who has an etsy shop at  Originally this site was her website/shop/homebase for her craft business.  But after she (we) found etsy, we made the decision to move her homebase to etsy, and revamp this website into a fun Craft Blog.

I am Cheryl’s daughter, Charlene.  I also have a shop (ok, two shops) at etsy. and .  My mother and I are looking forward to sharing a blog and bringing you tons of fun articles, features, and fun arts and crafts finds from etsy and elsewhere.

So, please add us to your feeds or blog bookmarks and come back soon!

Welcome to

It’s a new look, a new blog, a new beginning!

Please visit the MyCraftBooth shop at

More soon…