Tuesday Treasury – Spring Chevron Love

The chevron pattern is super popular these days, and with spring right around the corner, it seemed like a fun idea to put together a spring chevron treasury.  You can click on the image below to see the treasury and check out the etsy items:


New Shamrock Bowl Fillers

New shamrock bowl fillers are in the shop – perfect for decorating for St. Patrick’s Day!


New Valentine’s Day Garlands

New to the MyCraftBooth.etsy.com shop… vertical hanging heart garlands!



Valentine’s Day Shop Items

It’s that time… Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it!  Time to stock up on all things red and white and heartsy!

In the MyCraftBooth etsy shop you can find bowl fillers:

valentine, bowl, filler, mini pillow

AND, heart pins for your jacket or scarf:

felt, heart, pin

And even adorable Valentine’s Day dresses for your American Girl or 18 inch doll:

american girl valentines day dress


Exciting news!  We have decided to update and revive this blog for 2013.  It starts with a “facelift” – new colors, new layout, and more… and in the coming days and weeks we hope to blog regularly about etsy, crafting, quilting… and more!  Thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you again soon!


So, yesterday was my birthday.. 37 years young!  I was actually out of town for half the day, as I had flown to California for a wedding shower on Saturday.  It was a very interesting way to spend my birthday… half in California, half on an airplane, half at home. (Yes, I know that’s too many halves, but I’m a graphic designer, not a mathmetician).

Anyway… I’m CELEBRATING my birthday all month long with a great big sale in my DelightDesign shop.

Because it’s my 37th birthday, I’m offering my CUSTOM photo card design services for 37% OFF.

Normally $15… Now $9.45!


The sale lasts for the entire month, but I recommend getting your order in soon!

And… if you are interested in taking advantage of the Birthday Sale, but aren’t QUITE ready to have your photo card made – THAT’S OK! Just make your purchase now, and then let me know when you are ready to have the card designed.

Any questions, just let me know!!

Etsy YART SALE finds

Did you know it’s etsy YART SALE time?  And what is that, you say?  Well, think YARD sale, but only with ART!  And you won’t believe all the fun deals you’ll find this weekend.  Let’s look at a few fun finds, shall we?

Items are linked to the individual shops!  Please check shop listings and announcements for specific YART info!





















Pounce on Etsy…

Today is Etsy Day, and I am joining in the fun of celebrating!

What is ETSY, you ask?  It’s a “place to buy a sell all things homemade”!

And it’s addictive, if you like arts and crafts at ALL.  I joined over a year ago, and browsed off and on for months, and finally in October I decided to get a shop going.  And then I started REALLY shopping, because I met so many fabulous people in the forums and the chat rooms… and it was hard NOT to buy!  Thankfully I managed to sell a few things too, and I now have TWO etsy shops. (Links to my shops are in the far right side-bar).

And, one of my most favorite things to do is POUNCE.  I didn’t find this feature right away – probably sometime near Christmas last year.  It’s essentially a way to find out about all the NEW shops.. and those with NO sales in them yet…. (OR you can see what has JUST SOLD, but I like undiscovered better).  You can change the settings and see up to 10 shops at a time (which I like to do), and you’ll get to see up to 5 featured items from each shop.  Browse, pounce again, browse, pounce again. I tell you, it’s addictive!

So… click on over… check out ETSY.  Check out POUNCE… and consider purchasing from someone who has yet to be discovered!

Happy ETSY Day!

Tomorrow is ETSY DAY!


I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun post (or two!) to celebrate ETSY DAY!

AND don’t forget that Monday is the start of the Spring Giveaway Carnival, hosted by Heavenly Homemakers